Progressives designed for digital devices

There are a range of glasses out there designed to help with computer use, but if you’re a progressive wearer, then your optometrist might recommend SuperDigital lenses, especially if you spend a lot of time using digital devices and regularly switch between different screens throughout the day. SuperDigital lenses have an adapted near zone to cater for the closer, higher position we hold our phones.


Single-vision lenses designed for digital devices

SuperBoost lenses take conventional single-vision lenses to the next level, to keep up with today’s digital lifestyle. Now that we’re all more likely to read from our phones, tablets or laptops during the day, we’ve changed the way we wear our glasses without realizing it.

Reading from these shorter distances can sometimes lead to symptoms like headaches, difficulty focusing, dry eyes and even red eyes – especially if you spend most of the day in front of screens. SuperBoost lenses take all these factors into consideration to help keep your eyes happy all day long.

Blue light lenses

While there’s a lot of talk about blue light and the effect on our eyes, there’s no concrete evidence that artificial blue light from our digital devices can cause eye disease or even eye strain. It’s only extreme and sustained exposure to blue light that might cause eye damage.

Computer screens and other devices emit very low levels of blue light which you can reduce even further with night mode settings. People often put this on in the evening before they go to sleep to try and make viewing more comfortable.

But it’s not just screens that emit blue light, it also comes from fluorescent or LED lighting and, of course, the sun. It’s possible to add a blue light blocking filter to lenses (which is like adding a slight tint) that may improve overall visual comfort for some wearers. While we don’t believe there are clinical benefits in using blue light filters, we’re happy to add one free of charge for people who have selected our UltraClear SuperClean lenses.

More about lenses

Lens options

All Specsavers glasses come with standard single-vision lenses plus a scratch-resistant treatment and UV protection. You can also get extra lens treatments and options to protect or enhance your glasses.

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Bifocal lenses

If you need separate glasses for distance vision and reading, then bifocal lenses might be an option for you as they’re designed to accommodate two different prescriptions – usually distance and up-close vision.

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Progressive lenses

These lenses accommodate more than two vision types, and unlike the clear distinction on bifocals, they have different sections for viewing close-up, far away and everything in between. 

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