Single-vision lenses 

This type of lens has just one prescription that covers the entire lens. Typically for people with near or far sight, who just need glasses for driving, reading or working at a computer. All our glasses come with standard single-vision lenses plus a scratch-resistant treatment included in the price.

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Bifocal lenses

If you need separate glasses for distance vision and reading, then bifocal lenses might be an option for you as they’re designed to accommodate two different prescriptions – usually distance and up-close vision.

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Progressive lenses

These lenses accommodate more than two vision types, and unlike the clear distinction on bifocals, they have different sections for viewing close-up, far away and everything in between. 

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Specialist lenses

Our specialist lenses are a designed to keep up with our multi-tasking, multi-media lifestyles. 

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Lens options to suit your lifestyle

You can also choose extra lens treatments and options to protect or enhance your glasses.