Vision insurance explained

Many health insurance packages include a vision plan that covers optical products and services.

At Specsavers, you can use your vision plan to get a comprehensive eye exam, including 3D eye scan, at no or low out-of-pocket expense. We’ve got a great range of vision plan offers, including two designer styles from our $199 range complete with single-vision lenses for no or low out-of-pocket expense.

What is an annual rebate limit?

Optical coverage is not unlimited – each policy has a maximum benefit it will pay for specific extras, like optical, each year. Your entitlements will depend on who you’re insured with and your level of coverage.

Just as policies vary between insurers, so do levels of coverage. If you have a basic policy, your annual rebate limit will be lower than someone with a comprehensive policy. Whatever your limit is, once you reach it, you’ll need to wait for the policy to reset before claiming again.

When does health insurance renew?

It’s important to note that you can make a claim at any time of the year, but any unused benefits from the previous calendar year won’t roll over into the new year. Some health insurance may run to the financial year calendar, so make sure you check the fine print

How to get extra value out of your vision plan?

We want you to get extra value with your vision plan. That’s why you’ll find a range of vision plan offers to make yours go further. Here are our tips to get the most out of your plan.

Look on the bright side

You don’t have to use your vision plan just on glasses – it can cover you for prescription sunglasses as well. Prescription sunglasses help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays as well as correcting your vision. Browse our collection of prescription sunglasses.

No or low out of pocket

Optical is one of the few services where there are options to pay nothing at all. If your vision plan offers a no or low co-pay deal, it’s a great reason to stock up on new pairs of glasses or sunglasses. Depending on who you’re covered with, you can even get 2 designer styles from the $199 range, complete with single-vision lenses with no out-of-pocket expense. Learn more about our no out-of-pocket offer.

Get rebate ready

With many insurers you can claim your rebate on the spot in store, making the process of getting new glasses easy. Be sure to bring your vision plan details with you to make your claim.

Keep your options open

We know one pair of glasses doesn’t always suit every occasion or outfit. You can use your vision plan to stock up on different styles for daytime and evening, or go for convenience and get an extra pair for the car or the office.

Focus on lenses

There are all sorts of treatments to take your lenses to the next level, like UltraClear SuperClean anti-reflective coating, Transitions® photochromic lenses, or our range of specialist digital lenses. When you’re selecting a new pair or two, check which lenses your vision plan might cover so you can take advantage of our great range of lens options. Find out about our lens options.

Start the new year new

If you miss out on claiming on your optical benefits before the calendar year is out, use 1 January as an annual reminder to book an eye exam or head in store to update your styles and start making your benefits work for you.

Optical coverage is a great way to get a little help with your everyday medical expenses, but every vision plan is different. Understanding what you have to use, and how you can use it, will help you get the most out of your coverage.

Terms and conditions

Annual routine eye exams are an insured benefit in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario for children (AB/BC: aged 18 and younger; ON: aged 19 and younger), and seniors aged 65 and older, subject to certain restrictions. Medically necessary eye examinations are an insured benefit in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario for all insured persons regardless of age, subject to certain restrictions. For an eye exam to be covered by the provincial health care plans in Alberta, British Columbia, or Ontario, all patients must meet the generally applicable eligibility requirements for coverage. Patients not covered by their provincial health care plan must pay for the cost of the eye exam.

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